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Leonurine hydrochloride


Product Name Leonurine hydrochloride
CAS Registry Number 24697-74-3
Molecular Formula C14H22ClN3o5
Molecular Weight 347.79
Purity 98%HPLC
Package 20mg-1g
Storge In sealed, cool and dry condition
Category Standard


Leonurine is a pseudoalkaloid that has been isolated from Leonotis leonurus (Lion's tail), Leonotis nepetifolia, Leonotis artemisia, Leonurus cardiaca (Motherwort), Leonurus sibiricus, as well as other plants of family Lamiaceae. Leonurine is easily extracted into water.

Leonurine hydrochloride has an inhibitory effect on bleeding caused by incomplete abortion; the mechanism may be related to up-regulation of the E2 level, leading to an increase in uterine contractions and evacuation of intrauterine residuum.