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Everything You Need to Know About Dihydromyricetin

What is Dihydromyricetin? Dihydromyricetin, a special flavonoid extracted from Ampelopsis, is known as “soft gold in flavonoids”. This kind of substance has many peculiar effects, such as scavenging free radical, antioxidation, antithrombotic, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory. And dihydromyricetin is a more special kind of flavonoids. What are the characteristics of Dihydromyricetin? 1, the general flavonoids are … Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know About Chondroitin Sulfate

Before taking glucosamine and chondroitin, you should know about chondroitin sulfate. What is Chondroitin Sulfate? Chondroitin sulfate, also called chondroitin sulphate, is a useful nutritional adjunct for individuals who wish to support the structure and function of the body’s connective tissues, such as skin, tendons, ligaments, bone, and cartilage. Where does Chondroitin Sulfate come from? … Continue reading

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The Top Six Things That You Can Do for Arthritis

The Top Five Things That You Can Do for Arthritis 1. Get a Proper Diagnosis Many causes of joint pain are not related to arthritis. These include fractures, nerve damage (sciatica from back problems), a torn meniscus (knee) bursitis, synovitis, tendonitis, myositis, and even cancer. Always get a proper diagnosis first. 2. Start an Exercise … Continue reading

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