STANFORD CHEMICAL has over 16 years experience in the manufacturing and sales of phytochemicals, chiralchemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and a variety of fine chemical products. In addition, we also provide contract research outsourcing (CRO) service. We serve major pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic companies, research institutions, colleges and universities; the current business covers product development, custom synthesis, import and export. We are proud of our reputation for quality, service and solving customer problems. We look forward to hearing from customers.... More »
The staff's know-how (2 PhDs and 4 MAs in Organic Chemistry or Biology) and the quality of the equipments make STANFORD CHEM Labs an ideal partner for multidisciplinary R&D projects. STANFORD CHEM Labs activities are focused on organic chemistry, either for setting up synthetic strategies, for products manufacturing or for chiral chemical analyses of raw materials and bioactive molecules. ... More »