Research and Development

Plant Extracts Laboratory

Our workshop has an ion exchange column, supercritical extraction, and membrane separation technology in the production process of new applications. We have also built our herbal chromatographic fingerprint database.

Following are some of our equipment and facilities: Ion-exchange resin, Supercritical extraction system, Membrane separation, Nano-filtrated concentration and reverse osmosis concentration, Wiped film short-path distiller The raw botanical material stocked in 4ºC temperature, aseptic, fully enclosed warehouse.

Plant Extracts Laboratory

The staff’s know-how (2 PhDs and 4 MAs in Organic Chemistry or Biology) and the quality of the equipment make STANFORD CHEMICALS Labs an ideal partner for multidisciplinary R&D projects. STANFORD CHEMICALS Labs activities are focused on organic chemistry, either for setting up synthetic strategies, for products manufacturing or for chiral chemical analysis of raw materials and bioactive molecules.
• 4,400-square-foot facility
• ISO 9001 certified

Quality Control

Advanced analytical instruments: HPLC, IR, GC, MS/H-NMR at present, STANFORD CHEMICALS has good cooperation with many GLP laboratories, such as: Bridge laboratories, Nuitrichem Laboratories, LBchem laboratories, etc.