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We specialize in producing various kinds of herbal extracts, such as Corydalis Yanhusuo Extract/ L-Tetrahydropalmatine, White Willow Bark Extract/ Salicin, Vine Tea Extract/ Dihydromyricetin, Triptolide, they widely used in liquid beverage, solid drinks, health care products, functional food and beverage, convenience food, bakery, candies, lozenges, and snack food.

We also offer Hyaluronic Acid, which can be widely used in the following applications:
1. Food supplements
2. Cosmetic applications
3. Ophthalmology application
4. Plastic surgery
5. Joint dysfunctions
6. Equine applications
8. Drug carrier
9. Medical applications

Industrial & Lab Chemicals

Stanford Chemicals is a leading global supplier of Chemical R&D, including electronics chemicals, catalysts, and ligands; custom synthesis and laboratory equipment.

Feed Additives

Stanford Chemicals is the one feed Additives manufacturer you can trust and turn to for everything from an ingredient and product development to time-sensitive delivery.

Foods & Nutraceuticals

Stanford Chemicals offers foods and nutraceuticals, such as Medical Grade Sodium Hyaluronate, Chondroitin Sulfate and DHM, which are powerful instruments for the improvement of human health acting.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Stanford Chemicals offers the various product portfolios, such as sodium hyaluronate , which can help customers respond to consumer desires for different cosmetic and personal care products.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

Stanford Chemicals explore the applications for pharmaceuticals within disease management. We provide a unique expertise in the development and production of synthetic and natural active pharmaceutical ingredients for 16 years.

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