Feed Additives

Feed additives

01 Feed Additives

There are 3 general types of feed additives:

– Sensory Additives – these stimulate an animals appetite so that they naturally want to eat more.

– Nutritional Additives – these provide a particular nutrient that may be deficient in an animal’s diet.

– Zootechnical Additive – these improve the overall nutritional value of an animal’s diet through additives in the feed.

02 Purpose of Feed Additives

Prevent deterioration of feed quality
Supply of nutrient ingredients and other effective ingredients of feed
Promote efficient use of feed nutrient ingredients

Cattle farming min
Feed additives

03 Why Stanford Chemicals?

1 Comprehensive Certificate of Analysis
2 Technical Data Sheets (TDS) along with vital information regarding excipient, residual solvent, part of the plant used and country of origin.
3 Comprehensive Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
4. Strict yardsticks for Selection of raw material and approval process.

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