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Soy Protein Concentrated(Feed Grade) is one of the popular feed additives and ingredients in most countries.



Soy Protein Description

Soy protein concentrate is about 70% soy protein and is basically defatted soy flour without the water-soluble carbohydrates. It is made by removing part of the carbohydrates (soluble sugars) from dehulled and defatted soybeans.

Soy protein concentrate retains most of the fiber of the original soybean. It is widely used as the functional or nutritional ingredient in a wide variety of food products, mainly in baked foods, breakfast cereals, and some meat products. Soy protein concentrate is used in meat and poultry products to increase water and fat retention and to improve nutritional values (more protein, less fat).

Soy protein concentrates are available in different forms: granules, flour, and spray-dried. Because they are very digestible, they are well-suited for children, pregnant and lactating women, and the elderly. They are also used in pet foods, milk replacements for babies (human and livestock), and even used for some non-food applications.

Soybean Protein Concentrate (SPC) is extracted in a unique process design to eliminate soluble carbohydrate and anti-nutritional factors by alcohol. It has characteristics of low soybean odor, high ability of emulsion, water, and fat binding, gel-forming, etc. It usually is used to partly replace Soybean Protein Isolate, in order to lower product cost, raise protein content, improve mouthfeel, etc. It has been widely used in products like meat (sausage etc. ), cold drinks, beverages, raw materials of feed, and baking food.

Concentrated soy protein feed grade 65%

Soy Protein Specification

Moisture =< % 9.0
Raw Protein ( Dry basis ) >=% 65.0
Crude Fiber  =< % 4.5
Ash =<% 6.5
Crude Fat   =< % 1.0
Total plate count (cfu/g) =< 50000
Aflatoxin B1 ug/kg  =< 5.0
E.coli Negative
Coliform Group  =< 10/G
Samonella Negative

Concentrated soy protein feed grade 70%

Moisture =< % 8.0
Raw Protein ( Dry basis ) >=% 70.0
PH 6.5 -7.5
Ash =<% 6.0
E.coli  =< 100/g
Coliform Group  =< Negative
Samonella Negative
STANDARD Plate Count < 30000/G