030-000-121 Sea Buckthorn Oil

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Sea-buckthorn oil is a precious natural oil extracted from the fruit and seed of natural plant sea-buckthorn. It has been widely used in anti-oxidation, anti-fatigue, liver protection and lipid-lowering.



Sea Buckthorn Oil Description

Sea buckthorn is used for heart health, skin conditions, swelling (inflammation), and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support any of these uses.

Sea Buckthorn Oil Application

In foods, sea buckthorn berries are used to make jellies, juices, purees, and sauces.

In manufacturing, sea buckthorn is used in cosmetics and anti-aging products.

Sea Buckthorn Oil Specification

    Testing Items  Standard Requirements Testing Result
Color and Appearance Orange or Tangerine viscous oil, when temperature going down, becomes solidification. Qualified
Scent Characteristic aroma and taste of sea buckthorn fruit oil. Qualified
Density (20°C) 0.9100–0.9350 0.9240
Saponification Value(mg/g) 170–210 181.0
Refractive Index (20°C) 1.4500–1.4800 1.4570
Moisture and Volatile matter ≤0.3 0.11
Insoluble Impurities ≤0.05  0.01
Arsenic Content (mg/kg) ≤0.1 0.03
Pathogenic Bacterium Must’t be found Undetached
Main Ingredients Oleic acid,linoleic acid, linolenic acid,etc. Qualified