HA4761 Pure Cosmetic-Grade Hyaluronic Acid Powder High Molecular Weight more than 1,800 KDa (HAC-H-SC)

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Stanford Chemicals Company (SCC) offers Cosmetic-Grade High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid for skin care applications. High Molecular Weight > 1,800 kDa. CAS Number: 9067-32-7. Samples are available.


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Pure Cosmetic-Grade Hyaluronic Acid Powder High Molecular Weight of more than 1,800 KDa (HAC-H-SC) Introduction

Hyaluronan as a function of raw material is widely used in cosmetics in the following aspects:

  1. Moisturizing and film-forming properties
  2. Anti-Wrinkles
  3. Anti-Irritation
  4. Nutrition delivery
  5. Free radical scavenging

Pure Cosmetic-Grade Hyaluronic Acid Powder High Molecular Weight of more than 1,800 KDa (HAC-H-SC) Features

  1. Reliable and safe:

Stanford Chemicals Company (SCC), a prominent organic hyaluronic acid wholesaler based in the USA, proudly presents its Ecocert-certified Cosmetics Grade Hyaluronic Acid. Our production adheres strictly to ISO 9001 and GMP standards, ensuring the highest quality.

Derived solely from fermentation, our pure hyaluronic acid is non-animal sourced, non-GMO, and free from any BSE/TSE risks. Within our comprehensive range, you’ll find high, middle, and low molecular weight natural hyaluronic acid powder, all meeting vegan standards and adhering to kosher guidelines. Notably, our HAC-C-SC stands out as a Cosmetic-Grade Hyaluronic Acid Powder, customizable in molecular weight to suit specific cosmetic formulations.

  1. High-purity and lower impurities: higher glucuronic acid content, lower protein, heavy metals, and nucleic acid content, compared with other cosmetics grade hyaluronic acid in the market.
  2. Different molecular weight ranges to meet different customers’ needs.

Pure Cosmetic-Grade Hyaluronic Acid Powder High Molecular Weight of more than 1,800 KDa (HAC-H-SC) Functions

  • Nourishing the skin, long-lasting moisturizing;
  • Lubricating and film-forming, moisturizing, preventing skin damage, thickening and keeping emulsion stable;
  • Trans-dermal absorption, deep hydrating, anti-aging, repairing skin damage.
  • HMW-HA primarily sits on the skin’s surface, forming a hydrating and protective barrier. It helps retain moisture, plumps up the skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Often used in moisturizers, creams, and serums for hydration and anti-aging purposes.

SDS of Cosmetic Grade HA:

Pure Cosmetic-Grade Hyaluronic Acid Powder Products

Main Product Item No. Specification
Cosmetic Grade

Hyaluronic Acid

HAC-Micro-SC M.W: <5 K Da

Ultra Low Molecular Weight

HAC-Oligo-SC M.W: 5-10 K Da

Low Molecular Weight

HAC-N-SC M.W: 200-600 K Da
HAC-L-SC M.W: 100-1,000 K Da(800 KDa)
HAC-M-SC M.W: 800-1,600 K Da

Middle Molecular Weight

HAC-H-SC M.W: >1,800 K Da

High Molecular Weight

HAC-C-SC Customized Molecular weight

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