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Artemisinin (Artemisia Annua Extract) and some of the related compounds derived directly from the sweet wormwood herb.



Artemisia Annua Extract/ Artemisinin Introduction

Artemisinin is extracted from Artemisia Annua.

These compounds, and their synthetic derivatives, have been described in The New York Times as “strikingly effective against malaria”. Artemisia Annua Extract has been used for centuries to kill parasites, particularly worms, and flukes.

Product Name Artemisinin
CAS No. 63968-64-9
Molecular Formula C15H22O5
Molecular Weight 282.33
Botanical Source Artemisia Annua
Purity 99% HPLC
Appearance White powder
Package 25 kg/drum
Storage Stored in cool & dry places, protected from direct sunlight and heat.
Shelf Life 2 years

Artemisia Annua Extract/ Artemisinin Applications

1. Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;

2. Functional food as capsules or pills;

3. Water-soluble beverages;

4. Health products such as capsules or pills.

artemisinin application

Artemisia Annua Extract/ Artemisinin Functions

1. With the function of antimalarial, artemisinin has a killing effect on the parasite within red blood cells, it can inhibit the parasite’s maturity quickly;

2. With the function of controlling vivax malaria and falciparum malaria symptom, as well as treatment of chloroquine-resistant strains of insects;

3. With the function of oxidant, artemisinin is reduced by catalase, dithiothreitol, and alpha-tocopherol;

4. With the function of antibacterial, artemisinin has an anti-influenza virus effect;

5. With the function of anti-parasite, artemisinin on the role of anti-schistosomiasis, and leptospirosis.

Artemisinin Safety Tips

Handling of Artemisinin should only be performed by personnel trained and familiar with the handling of potent active pharmaceutical ingredients. Avoid severe irritants to the skin and eyes.

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