Artemisinin Defeats Malaria and Other Parasites

Artemisinins are derived from extracts of sweet wormwood (Artemisia annua) and are well-established for the treatment of malaria.

Artemisinin has many benefits for defeating malaria and other parasites.


Artemisinin has also proven itself as a safe and effective treatment for malaria in over two million patients.


Now studies are also showing that Artemisinin is effective against a wide variety of cancers as shown in a series of successful experiments. The most effective are leukemia and colon cancer. Intermediate activities were also shown against melanoma, breast, ovarian, prostate, CNS, and renal cancer.

Artemisinin’s Method of Action

Artemisinin contains two oxygen atoms linked together in what is known as an ‘endoperoxide bridge’, which reacts with iron atoms to form free radicals. Artemisinin becomes toxic to malaria parasites when it reacts with the high iron content of the parasites, generating free radicals, and leading to damage to the parasite.

By this same mechanism, Artemisinin becomes toxic to cancer cells which sequester relatively large amounts of iron compared to normal, healthy human cells. According to the Gordon Research Institute, tests have been conducted which show that Artemisinin causes rapid and extensive damage and death in cancer cells and yet has relatively low toxicity to normal cells.


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