050-000-344 Herba Portulacae Extract

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Source Purslane
Keywords Antiallergic, anti-oxidation,
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Herba Portulacae Extract Specifications

Product Name Herba Portulacae Extract
Purity 10:1
Appearance Brown power
Package 1kg-25kg
Shelf life 2 years
Functions comprehensive properties of preventing skin drying and aging in winter, increasing skin comfort, removing free radicals, improving skin comfort, etc.

Herba Portulacae Extract Description

Purslane contains active ingredients such as flavonoids and alkaloids; studies have shown that the content of total flavones in purslane accounts for 7.67% of its total gross weight. Portulaca oleracea extract is mainly used in cosmetics for anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation of the skin. It has a good effect on acne, eczema, dermatitis, and itchy skin.

Herba Portulacae Extract

Herba Portulacae Extract Applications

  • As an anti-allergic ingredient in skin care products
  • Whitening ingredients for personal care products