010-000-055 R-(+)-1.1-Bi-2-Naphthol

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CAS: 18531-94-7
MF: C20H14O2
MW: 286.32
Assay: 98%



R-(+)-1.1-Bi-2-Naphthol Application

A chiral auxiliary used in the catalytic asymmetric oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides. Chiral lanthanide triflates formed from binaphthol serve as catalysts for asymmetric Diels-Alder reactions. Derivatives of binaphthol have recently found use in asymmetric Claisen rearrangements and asymmetric epoxidations. The lithium aluminum hydride derivative of these diols (BINAP-H) has been used extensively for the reduction of ketones.

Chiral binapthol imminium salt precursor. Salts were used for an asymmetric epoxidation of olefins.

R-(+)-1.1-Bi-2-Naphthol Properties

assay 99%
optical activity [α]21/D +34°, c = 1 in THF
optical purity ee: 99% (HPLC)
mp 208-210 °C (lit.)
SMILES string Oc1ccc2ccccc2c1-c3c(O)ccc4ccccc34