030-000-389 Sodium Hexametaphosphate

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Type Phosphate
Synonym Hexasodium Metaphosphate
CAS No. 10124-56-8
Chemical Formula (NaPO3)6
Molecular Weight 611.77
Assay ≥99%
Appearance white powder
Package Net Weight: 25kg/Bag
Packaging Packed with polyethylene plastic bag as the inner liner and compound plastic woven bag as the outer layer.
Storage Store in cool & dry places.

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Sodium Hexametaphosphate Introduction

Sodium Hexametaphosphate is a kind of white powder with a chemical formula of (NaPO3)6. It is easily soluble in water but insoluble in organic solvents and has a strong moisture absorption function. It has a significant chelating ability to metal ions Ca and Mg. Sodium hexametaphosphate is legally used as a food additive (water retention agent), which can be used in canned food, fruit juice drinks, dairy products, and soy products; it is also used as a dye dispersant and water treatment agent.

Sodium hexametaphosphate is a food additive used in dairy products, canned milk, packaged egg whites, ice cream, seafood, and meat processing.

Sodium Hexametaphosphate Specification

Content of General Phosphates (P2O5), w%  68.0
Content of inactive Phosphates (P2O5), w%  7.5
Insoluble Substances, w%  0.06
Iron (Fe), w%  0.02
pH (10g/L, 25) 5.8-6.5
Arsenic (As), mg/kg  3.0
Heavy Metals (Pb), mg/kg  10.0
Fluoride (F), w%  0.003

Sodium Hexametaphosphate Application

  • Used in meat products, fish sausages, ham, etc. to improve water holding capacity, increase cohesiveness, and prevent fat oxidation
  • Used in soybean paste and soy sauce to prevent discoloration, increase viscosity, shorten fermentation period, and adjust the taste
  • Used in fruit drinks and refreshing beverages, it can increase the juice yield, increase the viscosity, and inhibit the decomposition of vitamin C
  • Used in ice cream to increase the swelling capacity, increase the volume, enhance the emulsification effect, prevent the paste from being damaged, and improve the taste and color
  • Used in dairy products and beverages to prevent gel precipitation
  • Used in beans, canned fruits, and vegetables, to stabilize natural pigments, and protect food color
  • The aqueous solution of sodium hexametaphosphate is sprayed on the cured meat to improve the anti-corrosion performance