010-000-004 Fluorescent Zinc Sulfide

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Product Name: Fluorescent Zinc Sulfide
CAS: 1314-98-3
MW: 97.46
Purity: 99.99% (4N)



Stanford Chemicals supplies high purity Fluorescent Zinc Sulfide:

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Fluorescent Zinc Sulfide Specification:



Chemical component ZnS
Appearance White or light yellow powder
ZnS content, % ≥99.99%
Moisture, % ≤1.0
Fe,ppm ≤0.3
Cu,ppm ≤0.1
Pb,ppm ≤0.6
Ni,ppm ≤0.1
Cd,ppm ≤0.3
Mn,ppm ≤0.1
D50 (µm) 4.0 +/- 1
Specific volume, ml/100g 130 +/- 30


Fluorescent Zinc Sulfide Application:

Color kinescope powders, plasma crystal powders, and other kinds of fluorescence powders used in luminescent materials, pigments, plastics, rubbers, dyestuffs, coatings, filming, counter forgery, and long persistence.

Fluorescent Zinc Sulfide Description:

With the “phosphorimeter” described in the post Glowing in the Dark, we made a series of measurements on the classic zinc sulfide phosphorus, doped with silver and also with copper. Zinc sulfide is an interesting material: ZnS is a semiconductor, ie a material with an electron-filled valence band and an empty conduction band. It is known that the energy gap between the two bands is, in pure ZnS, about 350 kJ/mol (3.6 eV). Given the large energy gap, only a very small concentration of charge carriers is present in normal temperature conditions.