040-000-450 Silver Sulfadiazine

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Type Pharmaceuticals
CAS No. 22199-08-2
Chemical Formula C18H18N6O
Appearance white powder
Package Bag/Drum
Assay ≥99%


Silver Sulfadiazine Introduction

Sulfadiazine Silver salt is a compound of sulfadiazine and silver nitrate. It has the astringent effect of silver and the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect of sulfadiazine. It is mainly used as an external medicine for the treatment of burn wounds.

Silver Sulfadiazine Functions

In addition to the use of silver sulfadiazine for the infection of burn wounds, it can also be used for the treatment of bedsore wounds, the treatment of local frostbite, the treatment of ulcers infected by MRSA, and the treatment of chronic cheilitis.