030-000-390 Sodium Phosphate

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Type Phosphate
Synonym Sodium orthophosphate, Trisodium phosphate
CAS No. 7601-54-9
Chemical Formula Na3PO4
Molecular Weight 163.94
Assay ≥99%
Appearance white crystalline powder
Package Net Weight: 25kg/Bag
Packaging Packed with polyethylene plastic bag as the inner liner and compound plastic woven bag as the outer layer.
Storage Store in cool & dry places.

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Sodium Phosphate Introduction

Sodium Phosphate is a kind of white crystalline powder with a chemical formula of Na3PO4. It is one of the important product series in the phosphate industry. Due to its special properties, it is widely used in modern industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, petroleum, papermaking, detergents, ceramics, and other fields. Sodium phosphates have many applications in food and water treatment.

Sodium Phosphate Specification

Specification FCC VII
Assay of Anhydrous (Ignited Basis, Na3PO4), w% 97.0
Pb, mg/kg 4
Fluorides (F), mg/kg 50
Insoluble Substances, w% 0.2
As, mg/kg 3
Loss On Ignition (Na3PO4), w% 2.0

Sodium Phosphate Application

  • As a moisture retention agent in the food industry, it is used in canned food, fruit juice drinks, dairy products, meat products, cheese, and beverages.
  • As a quality improver, it has the functions of improving the complex metal ions, pH value, and ionic strength of food, thereby improving the binding force and water-holding capacity of food.
  • Used for the purification of sugar.