Treat Warts Effectively with Antharidin

Antharidin has been used for many years in the treatment of warts and its popularity has been increasing across the globe. Doctors normally apply antharidin on warts and cover them with bandages. The compound has the ability to cause blistering of warts under the skin, and by doing so; the wart is lifted off the skin.

The wart will then come off after the blister has dried and you`ll realize that a small scar may be left. Although you may feel a little pain, antharidin actually helps in healing warts. If you can not remove the dead skin and the wart by yourself, you should consider visiting a doctor.

It is also important that if antharidin does not treat the condition, consider using other treatment options. That means that you have to visit your GP for help with the right treatment. Antharidin is also used in cases where treatment of warts with salicylic acid has not been successful.


Disadvantages of using antharidin

• Do not use antharidin in combination with other compounds or drugs. This is so because antharidin is very reactive.
• It should also not be used near the genitals because it has an itching effect.
• People with diabetes, circulatory heart conditions, and peripheral heart conditions are also not advised to use antharidin.
• Do not use antharidin on open wounds, birthmarks, or warts that grow on mucous membranes like a nasal cavity.

Effectiveness of antharidin on both adults and children

Antharidin is one of the most effective treatments for warts. As a matter of fact, there is no scarring after effective treatment of warts with antharidin.

The compound has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of warts in children above the age of 3. However, it is not recommended for children below 3 years of age.

Side effects

It`s evident that nearly all medicines have a side effect and although this varies from one person to another, other drugs have more serious side effects. It is important that you inquire with your pharmacist about the side effects of any drug that you take.

Normally the benefits of any medication are more important than its side effects. In many cases, the side effects go away after taking the medication for a while. Antharidin has not been associated with any major side effects apart from dizziness and itchiness in very few cases.

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