Are Natural Foods Better Than Processed Foods?

The debate about natural food and processed food has raged on with others choosing a middle ground and others choosing one side over the other. Which foods are better between the two?

Man-made food has flooded supermarket tills and every other place it can fit. Processed flour, bread, cereals, meat and even imitation products like fake meats and eggs are now easily available in supermarket aisles.

What exactly does one gain from processed foods though? The texture of processed foods is usually just right and appealing to most. They are easier to prepare since most processed foods require minimal work from the consumer. Cereal requires that you add milk, baby foods ask that you open the tub and feed the baby and soups require that you add hot water.

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With regard to food nutritional content, however, the jury is still out. There are those that say processed foods have nutrients added to them so they are healthy while others say those added nutrients could even have been destroyed during the processing.

There is however no argument about God-made food. It is healthy and will sustain every person if a good balance is maintained. There are communities that have survived on fruits only because of where they lived while others have survived on meat, blood, and milk. Biblical generations ate fruits, vegetables, bread and meat and they lived well above 100 years.

The information about meat and cholesterol and such may not be an entire lie but chances are combining the real meat with the right foods and accompaniments will go a long way in ensuring a healthier outlook.

All the vitamins remain intact with natural food unless you cook them in an unsuitable manner. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide nutrients, water, sugar, and fiber while whole cereals and pulses provide both roughage and nutrients. A mixture of both plant and animal protein could work well for those that say plant protein is not good enough.

Time and resources may indeed be saved by using processed food but the overall benefit to your body is very minimal. Others could even term processed foods as non-foods. God-made foods definitely have it all in terms of nutritional content and they meet the biggest aim for eating which is nourishment. Pleasure is also sorted since most natural foods are sweet and succulent.

The choice for the consumer is now not between foods but between priorities: time and money or a good long healthy life?

July 5, 2019 Foods & Nutraceuticals
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