070-000-231 Emulsifier

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In cosmetic products, emulsifiers are used as adjuvants for combining non-miscible fluids into an emulsion. The special molecular structure of the emulsifiers reduces the surface tension between the hydrophilic and lipophilic constituents, thus promoting the formation of finely dispersed mixtures. The emulsion stabilizers improve and help to maintain the stability and shelf-life of dispersions.



Emulsifier Specification

Product Name INCI Name CAS Number Properties Usage Level
SCC-GMS Glyceryl Stearate 31566-31-1 Co-emulsifiers. 2.0-10.0%
SCC-GMS SE Glyceryl Stearate


11099-07-3 Self-emulsifying

for rich creams and butters.


Emulsifier Benefits

The purpose of emulsification is to stabilize the emulsion state by preventing break down which occurs due to creaming aggregation and coalescence. To solve these issues, decreasing the size of dispersed particles, reducing the density difference of dispersion, and protecting the surface of oil droplets are effective.