070-000-348 Tartaric Acid, CAS 526-83-0

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Synonyms 2,3-Dihydroxybernsteinsaeu
Keywords Exfoliator, keratin, smooth skin
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Tartaric Acid Specifications

Product Name Tartaric Acid
CAS Registry Number 526-83-0
Molecular Formula C4H6O6
Molecular Weight 150.09 g/mol
Purity 99 %
Appearance White powder
Package 1kg-25kg
Shelf life 2 years
Functions Exfoliating, whitening, and combining metal ions

Tartaric Acid Description

Tartaric acid, or 2,3-dihydroxysuccinic acid, is a carboxylic acid found in many plants, such as grapes and tamarind. It is also one of the main organic acids in wine. As an acidulant, tartaric acid has a taste that is naturally sour and gives foods a sharp, tart flavor. At the same time, the skincare effect of tartaric acid is also quite remarkable; it can promote the aging of skin keratin to fall off, and make the skin texture smoother so that the skin is translucent.

Tartaric acid is often used as an acidulant in grape- and lime-flavored beverages, gelatin desserts, jams, jellies, and hard sour confectionery.

Tartaric Acid

Tartaric Acid Applications

  • Tartaric acid has the functions of exfoliating, whitening, and combining metal ions, and is used in skincare and cleaning products


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