030-000-387 Manganese Sulfate

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Type Sulfate
Synonym Manganese(II) sulfate monohydrate
CAS No. 7785-87-7
Chemical Formula MnSO4·H20
Molecular Weight 169.02
Assay ≥98%
Appearance light pink powder
Package Net Weight: 25kg/Bag
Packaging Packed with polyethylene plastic bag as the inner liner and compound plastic woven bag as the outer layer.
Storage Store in cool & dry places.

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Manganese Sulfate Introduction

Manganese Sulfate is a kind of light pink powder with a chemical formula of MnSO4·H20. It is easily soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol. It is used as a nutritional supplement (manganese fortifiers).

Manganese Sulfate Specification

Specification FCC VII
Content (MnSO4·H20), w/% 98.0-102.0
Loss on Ignition, w% 10.0-13.0
Selenium (Se), mg/kg  ≤ 30
Lead (Pb), mg/kg  ≤ 4
Arsenic (As), mg/kg  ≤ 3

Manganese Sulfate Application

Manganese Sulfate is used as a nutritional supplement (manganese fortifiers).

Manganese sulfate is used primarily as a fertilizer and as a livestock supplement where soils are deficient in manganese, then in some glazes, varnishes, ceramics, and fungicides.