030-000-467 Polycytidylic Acid

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Type Polynucleotide
CAS No. 30811-80-4
Chemical Formula (C9H14N3O8P)n
Appearance white powder
Grade 1% raw material / injection grade pure powder
Assay ≥90%
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Polycytidylic Acid Introduction

Polycytidylic Acid is a kind of white powder with a chemical formula of (C9H14N3O8P)n. As an interferon inducer, Polycytidylic Acid produces interferon under the induction of cells in the body, which has a similar effect to interferon, so it has broad-spectrum antiviral and immune regulatory functions. It can be used for adjuvant treatment of viral infectious diseases and tumors.

Polycytidylic Acid Features

  • Easy to use.

It can be used with many drugs at the same time. It is compatible with astragalus polysaccharide, levamisole, and ribavirin, and has an obvious synergistic effect. It has a synergistic or additive effect with some antibiotics. Adding this product to many varieties such as powder and powder significantly improves the efficacy of the original product without affecting the detection of the original product. This product has no species specificity and can be widely used in poultry, pigs, cattle, and other animals.

  • Safe to use:

First, the use of polyinosity cells does not affect the body’s antibody level and can be used to prevent viral diseases that often occur in broilers in the later stage, avoiding the excessively high antibody level and vaccine stress response caused by booster immunity and avoiding or reducing drug residues. The second advantage is the broad spectrum of anti-virus, low toxicity, and large safety range.

  • It can be used at the same time with the vaccine, which can make up for the blank period of immunity, alleviate the stress response of the vaccine, and enhance the immune effect.
  • Polyinositides (1% original powder) can be administered orally after special processing, not damaged by digestive enzymes and gastric acid, and can be stored at room temperature for two years.

Polycytidylic Acid Specification

CAS No. 30811-80-4
Chemical Formula (C9H14N3O8P)n
Appearance white powder
Melting Point 69℃
Grade 1% raw material, or injection grade pure powder
Packing 1% content 25kg/cardboard drum

Injection grade pure powder 500g/bag

Polycytidylic Acid Applications

  • Human medicine:

Used for chronic hepatitis B, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, epidemic Japanese encephalitis, viral keratitis, herpes zoster, various warts and respiratory infections.

  • Veterinary medicine:

Prevention and treatment of viral diseases of poultry and livestock.