040-000-480 Sulconazle Nitrate

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Type Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
CAS No. 82382-23-8
Chemical Formula C18H15Cl3N2S.HNO3
Molecular weight 460.76
Assay ≥98%
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Sulconazle Nitrate Introduction

Like other imidazole antifungals, Sulconazle Nitrate has antibacterial effects on yeast, dermatophytes, Ascomycetes such as Aspergillus, and some Gram-positive anaerobic bacteria. The antifungal effect of thioconazole nitrate is bactericidal, and it also has a potent antifungal effect on quiescent cells of Candida albicans.

Sulconazle Nitrate Functions

It is a broad-spectrum antifungal drug mainly used for the treatment of dermatophytosis.