Can Dihydromyricetin Relieve Alcohol?

For those who love to drink, it seems inevitable to drink and lose their hangover. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, use Fructus aurantii extract to develop a new drug, which can be injected into mice to relieve alcohol, which can relieve the “top” symptoms in a short time.

Fructus aurantii is a nearly mature fruit of the rutus family, such as citrus, limes, and fragrant oranges. It is usually harvested from July to August, and dried after transection from the middle.
Dihydromyricetin is a more special kind of flavonoid. It has special efficacy in relieving enzyme poisoning, preventing alcoholic liver, fatty liver, anti-hypertension, and regulating blood lipid and blood sugar levels.
Researchers say that dihydromyricetin can block the most important inhibitory receptor in the central nervous system, namely, the GABAA receptor. This antialcoholism principle is the same as that of some promising antialcoholism drugs now, but the latter can cause convulsions.
In the latest issue of the Journal of Neurology, the researchers published a report: “Take dihydromyricetin in alcohol, and you will not be addicted to alcohol.” However, this research achievement will take some time to develop antialcoholism drugs.
Previous studies have shown that alcohol acts on the brain of rats similar to that of humans. Drunkenness is the result of a variety of factors, including a series of symptoms that can affect all parts of the body and can vary according to the drinkers and the environment. For example, if a drunken person stays in a smoky, noisy bar for a night, his headache will aggravate.
These symptoms are physiological reactions caused by metabolism and hormone secretion after drinking. In addition, genes affect a person’s reactions after drunkenness. The researchers intend to initiate human experiments to observe the effectiveness of dihydromyricetin.
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