How to Identify Magnolia

As a result of different parts and processing shapes, magnolia is divided into root Park, boots, park, simple, and it is divided into different grades according to the factors of thickness, firewood, meat and oil content.

1, the cortex is stripped from the roots of magnolia bark, with irregular elongated, single roll, double drum or ruptured long sheets. Vary in length, about 5~50 cm long, about 0.5~2 cm diameter, about 1~3 mm thick, curved like intestines, so it is also known as “chicken intestine plain”. Outer skins brown or gray brown, with more dense longitudinal wrinkles. The inner surface is brown or purplish brown and slightly smooth. The breath is spicy, and the taste is bitter. There is more residue of chewing.

2, the root is simple. It is the cortex stripped from the main root of the thick Pu Shu. There are different forms, such as reel, block and sheep ears. The cortex is slightly thick, about 3~5 mm. Outer skin gray brown or brown, with irregular longitudinal wrinkles. The inner surface is purple brown, smooth, oily and slightly tough. The section is purple brown, granular, less fiber and oily. The breath is spicy, and it tastes bitter. There is less residue of chewing.

3, the cortex is stripped from magnolia tree near the trunk of the root. It has a single drum shape. It is thin and thick. It is like a trumpet or boots. The length is 70~80 cm, the upper end is about 10 cm in diameter, the lower part is about 15~20 cm, and is about 3~8 mm thick. The outer skin is rough, gray brown or grayish brown. Some scraped skin is slightly smooth and brownish brown, and some thin skin is gray. The inner surface is purple brown and slightly smooth, tough, cross section brown, grainy, oily. The breath is fragrant and the taste is hard. There is less residue of chewing.

4. Canister. The cortex is stripped from the thicker trunk of the magnolia tree. It is a single roll or double drum shaped section, and it can be cut into 40 cm or 80 cm segments. The coil is about 4~6 cm in diameter and is about 3~6 mm thick. Outer skin is rough, gray brown, often with obvious knot scar and gray or gray green spots. The inner surface is purple brown, tough, cross section granular or fibrous, brown red. The fragrance is mild and the taste is bitter. There’s a little bit of chewing.

5. The cortex is stripped from the branches of magnolol bark. The shape is similar to that of the tube. The cortex is thinner, about 1~2 millimeters thick, with a grayish brown appearance and a yellowish brown inner surface. The section has larger fiber, less spicy flavor and more slag.

It is good for meat and oil, cross section purple brown, granular, less fiber, chew less residue and spicy.

May 27, 2018 Herbal Extracts
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