How to Use Hyaluronic Acid Original Liquid?

What Is High Polymer Hyaluronic Acid?

It is our most commonly used hyaluronic acid. its molecular weight range from 1 million to 1.7 million.  It can form a layer of breathable membrane in the skin, make the skin smooth and moist, prevent the invasion of bacteria, dust, and ultraviolet rays, and protect the skin from invasion. It is simply so that its film formation is better.

Main functions of hyaluronic acid original liquid:

1, Plastic filling. 

Since hyaluronic acid is insoluble, low metabolic rate, high water absorption, high water retention, and is not easy to be transferred to the tissue, the recent development is the application of hyaluronic acid to soft tissue augmentation. Hyaluronic acid is not only used for injection but also has been developed for external use hyaluronic acid. This external hyaluronic acid contains SOD, cell growth factor particles, and other cosmetic ingredients. People who use the population no longer just want to wrinkle the breast, the using the crowd can be dark yellow, rough, glossy, wrinkles, color spots on the face, and some other beautiful people.

2, Skincare. 

It is a natural polysaccharide body and is also an important component of the skin moisturizing in the skin of human skin, its content will decrease with the increase of age, resulting in skin drying and aging, wrinkles, rough dark, and uneven skin color, and so on. Hyaluronic acid not only has the function of maintaining skin elasticity but also locks a large number of water molecules, which has moisturizing and lubricating effects on tissues.

How to use hyaluronic acid original liquid?

Applying this solution can help skin enhance elasticity, keep water moist, and restore youthful. Hyaluronic acid with a high concentration should be used with make-up water, such as two drops of hyaluronic acid plus the proper amount of make-up water. Hyaluronic acid can also be added to the mask, but it is necessary to pay attention to the use of high concentrations of hyaluronic acid (such as 5%) when the skin is dry. Not only does it have no moisturizing effect, but it also absorbs moisture in the skin, which is counterproductive because it has strong water absorption.
The hyaluronic acid injection effect is the most ideal, at present, the best way to remove the hyaluronic acid is the injection, which is the cosmetology maintenance method of the women stars, using it can remove the tail grain, decree lines, fill tear gully and so on, quite effective.
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