040-000-253 Sulfacetamide Sodium Salt, CAS 127-56-0

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Synonyms Albucid Soluble; Albucide; Almocetamide; Andremide; N-Acetyl Sulfanilamide Sodium Salt; Soluble Sulfacyl
Keywords Bacterial infections, eye infections, conjunctivitis, eye drop, skin infections, sulfonamide antibiotic
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 Sulfacetamide Sodium Salt Specifications

Product Name Sulfacetamide Sodium Salt
CAS Registry Number 127-56-0
Molecular Formula C8H9N2NaO3S
Molecular Weight 236.22
Purity >99%
Appearance White powder
Functions Anti-bacterial infections


Sulfacetamide Sodium Salt Description

Sulfacetamide Sodium Salt is a sulfa-based synthetic antibacterial agent which has a killing effect on most Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. It inhibits the growth of bacteria by inhibiting the synthesis of folic acid. Sulfacetamide Sodium Salt is mainly used for local infection by topical application, and can also be used orally for the treatment of urinary tract infections.

Sulfacetamide Sodium Salt Applications

  • The active ingredient of eye drop
  • Biological studies
  • Treatment of acne vulgaris
  • Treatment of rosacea
  • Treatment of pityriasis versicolor



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Sulfacetamide Sodium Salt
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