070-000-243 Vegetable Origin

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SCC can provide many ingredients with plant origin, including fatty alcohols, vegetable oils.



Vegetable Origin Description

Stanford Chemicals supplies high-quality vegetable origin, including fatty alcohols, fatty acids, and coconut oil.

Fatty alcohols (or long-chain alcohols) are usually high-molecular-weight, straight-chain primary alcohols. Some commercially important fatty alcohols are lauryl, stearyl, and oleyl alcohols.

Fatty acids are the building blocks of the fat in our bodies and in the food we eat. During digestion, the body breaks down fats into fatty acids, which can then be absorbed into the blood. Fatty acid molecules are usually joined together in groups of three, forming a molecule called a triglyceride.

Coconut oil is a plant-based oil derived from coconuts. Coconut oil once vilified for its saturated fat content as a potential artery-clogger has enjoyed a new, almost superfood status.

Vegetable Origin Specification

Product Name INCI Name Applications
Fatty Alcohols Skincare

Nail care

Lip care


Usage level:


Fatty Acids Lauric acid/

Myristic acid/

Palmitic acid/

Stearic acid

Coconut Oil Cocos Nucifera Oil