What Are The Effects of Hyaluronic Acid On The Skin?

Hyaluronic acid is widely distributed in connective tissue, epithelial tissue, and nerve tissue. It is a transparent colloidal substance with a strong moisturizing function. It is the best moisturizing factor for the skin.

With the aging of the human body, the hyaluronic acid in the body will gradually lose, resulting in the loss of the skin’s water storage capacity, shriveling, aging, depression, and wrinkles.
Hyaluronic acid can increase and maintain the moisture content of the skin, let the skin present its due elasticity and luster, can achieve long-term moisture retention, and retain the moisture of the skin. Therefore, hyaluronic acid naturally becomes a necessary moisturizing substance in cosmetics.
Generally, 5% of the hyaluronic acid shape will become jelly-like, in practice, adding 0.5% of the amount is already high.
In fact, the most basic and important functions of skincare products are two: sunscreen and moisturizing.
For normal skin, as long as sunscreen and moisturizing are guaranteed, the skin will naturally return to its normal state of health.

How Can Hyaluronic Acid Be Applied to the Skin Surface?

1, The skin can absorb some moisture from the hyaluronic acid solution. The moisture content of the stratum corneum will increase. That is, it plays a role in replenishing water.
2, It slows down the loss of skin moisture and plays a moisturizing effect.

Is It Possible to Use Only Hyaluronic Acid?

Although hyaluronic acid is good at absorbing water, it does not mean that the water it absorbs will not disperse again. When the surrounding environment is very dry, the moisture in hyaluronic acid will also disappear. So when applying hyaluronic acid products, we should remember to use the lotion and lock the skin moisture.

How to Use Hyaluronic Acid Correctly?

Before using, use a lot of moisturizing water on the face, because it will absorb water in a short time, if the skin is drier, can also be smeared with hyaluronic acid after applying a layer of moisturizing water, and then smear emulsion.
If there is a phenomenon of rubbing with products containing more hyaluronic acid for the skin, you should pat to avoid repeated rubbing.
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