Which Eye Surgeries Get Use of Hyaluronic Acid Preparations?

Hyaluronic acid is used nowadays for many medical conditions and surgeries because of its healing and anti-inflammatory nature. In eye surgeries, it is very critical to minimize any scar and prevent infection because of the high liability of those procedures. Any scarring can cause blurring of vision besides other bad cosmetic effects.

What are the eye procedures that get benefit from medical hyaluronic acid?

Many surgeries like repairing retinal detachment, entreating keratoplasty, trabeculectomy, trauma surgery, and the most famous cataract surgeries. It protects the corneal epithelium which is very important during this operation. This epithelium (the layer of cells that cover the outer surface of the cornea) if it got scratched will cause serious vision problems because the cornea is considered the lens of the eye. All light passes through it and any defect will cause what we call a “blind spot”.

Benefits of other procedures are not fully approved, but no harmful effect was reported from their use. After any operation, the wound must stay clean and protected from infection. Infection delays healing and may prevent it too. The proliferation of the cells from each wound side is critical to the closure of the wound. Hyaluronic acid gives both effects. It promotes cell proliferation and protects the new liable cells from being damaged by free radicals. It also has anti-inflammatory effects which are critical as we mentioned.

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What are other medical conditions which use hyaluronic acid?

Cosmetic uses started to focus on the usage of hyaluronic acid because of its anti-scarring effect. It was found that neonatal skin contains high volumes of hyaluronic acid and that was referred to be the cause of minimal scar formation after being wounded during childhood time.

Preparations were made by cosmetic products companies to help In the removal of the facial scars and help in recovering the face look before being wounded by any mechanism. Old age face scars are also considered an indication of the use of those preparations.

Many other medical conditions make use of hyaluronic acid in treating arthritis and cancer diagnosis and treatment. Those fields require brief talk in other articles, so we will give you that if you just follow up with our website articles.

In general, no long-term or severely harmful side effects were detected from all uses of hyaluronic acid, but many benefits were reported and assured, which give rise to the fact of, hyaluronic acid is beneficial in eye surgeries besides other medical conditions.

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