Application of Herbal Extracts in Clean Cosmetics

Clean cosmetics are used to remove the dirty substances produced by the secretion and metabolism of the human body the skin and hair, such as cleaning cream, facial cleanser, bath fluid, etc. Cleaning products with plant extracts can effectively remove sebum, sweat stains, and external dust, and have strong bactericidal and surface activity.

Aloe Extract

Aloe belongs to Liliaceae herbs. It originated in Africa, and the most widely used variety in cosmetics is Curacao Aloe, which is rich in a variety of trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, past and phenols, and other active substances. Aloe is mainly used in cosmetics part of its leaves, the main ingredients are Cymbidium, and Youkun substances, such as aloin, aloe-emodin, and so on. Among them, aloin plays an important role in inhibiting tyrosine activity, melanin production, and tyrosinase-related protein gene expression. Aloe Vera polysaccharides and vitamins have good nutrition, moisturizing and whitening effects on the skin. Aloe gel can be used in wet products. The gel can not only coexist with anions but also with cationic or non-ionic systems. Adding aloe gel into soap can make soap clean while not drying the skin.

aloe extract

Hamamelis extract

The main components of the extract are Hamamelis tannin, Schisandra Chinensis, caffeic acid, and flavonoid derivatives. It has the promotion of lymphatic blood circulation function, has a sedative, a soothing effect, has an improvement effect on acne, has a very good curative effect on oily skin or allergic skin, and has a soothing, astringent, and antibacterial effect. Adding hamamelis extract to a facial cleanser is a good choice for adolescent or oily skin. Hamamelis extract can quickly penetrate into the skin, deep clean the skin, prevent the occurrence of blackheads, and acne, and make the skin more delicate and beautiful.

Soybean extract

Soybean lecithin, also known as soybean yolk, is refined soybean oil in the degumming process precipitation of phospholipids, which contains lecithin, encephalolipid, cardiolipid, phosphatidylcholine, phospholipid phthalocarboxylic glycerol, acetal phospholipid, and lysophosphatide. Soybean lecithin is a naturally high-nutrient fortifier, and it is also a natural surfactant. It has an excellent transdermal absorption effect, and can quickly penetrate the effective ingredients in skin care products into the deep skin, while greatly improving the transdermal absorption rate of tissue cells so that all kinds of effective ingredients play a greater role. In addition, soybean lecithin can form thin monomolecular lipids or oligomeric molecular membranes on the skin. These membranes have colloidal properties, which can effectively alleviate external irritation and injury to the skin and protect the skin from the degreasing effects of detergents. Therefore, it is often added to cleansing cosmetics to effectively protect the skin from the stimulation of cleansers while removing impurities produced in the process of secretion and metabolism. The colloidal properties of soybean lecithin not only protect the skin but also stabilize foam and emulsion to a certain extent. The combination of soybean lecithin and anionic and cationic surfactants can stabilize the foam, increase the skin fat, soften the skin, and prevent excessive sebum removal. Soya lecithin is added to shaving cream and shaving soap to soften the beard and produce small bubbles to prevent dryness.

soybean extracts

Ginkgo biloba extract

Ginkgo biloba extract contains more than 160 components, mainly flavonoids, mushroom crude, organic acids, organic alcohols, minerals, vitamins, sodium hyaluronate, etc. Flavonoids are powerful scavengers of oxygen free radicals, and can protect skin cells from excessive oxidation of oxygen free radicals. Adding Ginkgo biloba extract to cleansing cream cannot only completely remove dirt from deep pores, and make skin glow with natural luster, but also hinder the formation and sedation of pigment in the dermis, so as to whiten skin and prevent pigment plaque. In addition, the extracts from Ginkgo biloba have a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect. The use of Ginkgo Natural Foam Cleansing Cream can treat various skin diseases such as facial ringworm, itching, and hand rupture. Similar herbal extracts include bear fruit shake, angelica, chamomile, mulberry, licorice, mango, and so on.

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