Miraculous herbal ingredient caring your liver – Dihydromyricetin

Dihydromyricetin (DHM or DMY), sometimes called Ampelopsin or Ampeloptin, is a natural antioxidant flavonoid from the Chinese vine tea plants (Ampelopsis grossedentata).
As an active herbal ingredient of the extract, it shows very promising results amongst hangover cures and has a significant protective effect against alcohol-induced liver damage.
DHM can be well applied as a kind of active free radical scavenger in those anti-aging products. The percentage inhibition of DPPH could reach 73.3% at least and up to 91.5%, with an IC50 value of 5.4 mmol/L. It markedly attenuates the activity of superoxide anion generation.
This ingredient also has the strong inhibitory action of staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis and Aspergillus flavus etc. New applications have been confirmed recently that DHM can reduce the levels of blood sugar and blood fat; anti-inflammation; effective restrain to cell proliferation of some tumor cells.
There are two main sources for DHM in the global markets: Hovenia Fruit Extract and Vine Tea Extract. Most of the energy and functional beverage manufacturers in the world are using Hovenia Fruit Extracts as the source of DHM in recent years, because this species spreads widely in Asia, especially in China, South Korea, and Japan.
But unfortunately, vine tea plants only found in several western provinces of China so far. Just like pandas, this plant species survived from the Fourth Glacier Age miraculously.
March 6, 2018 Herbal Extracts
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