040-000-402 Magnesium 4-Nitrobenzyl Malonate Hydrate

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Category Pharmaceutical raw materials
Synonym Magnesium mono-p-nitrobenzyl malonate
CAS No. 83972-01-4
Chemical Formula C20H16MgN2O12
Molecular Weight 500.66
Appearance White Powder
Package Customized Package.
Packaging 25kg/drum
Grade Medicine grade
Assay ≥99%


Magnesium 4-Nitrobenzyl Malonate Hydrate Introduction

Magnesium 4-Nitrobenzyl Malonate Hydrate is a kind of white crystalline powder with a chemical formula of C20H16MgN2O12. It is a pharmaceutical intermediate of Meropenem, which has good antibacterial effects on both Gram-positive and negative bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Haemophilus influenza that are resistant to penicillin, and bacteria that are often resistant to other β-amide antibiotics.

Magnesium 4-Nitrobenzyl Malonate Hydrate Applications

Used as a pharmaceutical intermediate of Meropenem.


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