The Role of Hyaluronic Acid in The Skin

With the increase of people’s age and the influence of nutrition, sunshine, environment and other factors, the ability of human hyaluronic acid gradually decreased, the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreased gradually, and the content of hyaluronic acid in the human body was the highest in the embryo and gradually decreased after birth.

If the relative content of hyaluronic acid is 100% in the body of 20 years old, it will decrease to 65%, 45% and 25% at 30, 50 and 60, respectively.
When the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin is lower than a certain level, the moisture content of the skin surface will gradually decrease, resulting in the aging of the stratum corneum, the skin appears rough, wrinkled, lost elasticity and aging, this phenomenon usually appears after 25 years of age. This is also one of the main reasons for the skin gap between the middle-aged and the elderly. At the same time, the destruction of hyaluronic acid in the skin of the human body is related to ultraviolet light, so people who have long been engaged in field work, plateau life and outdoor work are more rough than the indoor workers’ skin.
Hyaluronic acid is a natural biological molecule widely used in skin and other tissues. It has excellent moisturizing effect and is known as the ideal natural moisture factor (Natural MolsturlZlng Factor, NMF). It is the best moisturizing material found in nature at present.
Hyaluronic acid acts on the skin surface, large molecules of hyaluronic acid can form a layer of breathable film on the skin surface, making the skin smooth and moist, and prevent the invasion of foreign bacteria, dust, ultraviolet rays and protect the skin from invasion; small molecules hyaluronic acid can penetrate the skin, have slightly dilated capillaries and increase blood circulation, improving intermediate metabolism, promoting skin nutrition absorption, has a strong wrinkle function, which can increase skin elasticity and delay skin aging.
Hyaluronic acid can also promote the proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells and scavenging oxygen free radicals, which can prevent and repair skin damage. The aqueous solution of hyaluronic acid has high viscosity and thickens the water phase. The paste which is emulsified with oil is even and delicate, and it has stable emulsification.
Hyaluronic acid is the best natural moisturizing ingredient of high-grade cosmetics. It has good compatibility and can be added to almost any cosmetic cosmetics. It is widely used in cream, emulsion, make-up water, essence, wash milk, bath liquid, shampoo, mousse, lipstick and so on. The amount is 0.05 – 0.5%.
April 13, 2018 Hyaluronic Acid
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