What Are Extracts Used For?

The ingredients of plant extracts are usually divided into glucosides, acids, polyphenols, polysaccharides, terpenoids, flavonoids, and alkaloids, such as green tea extracts, whose main components are tea polyphenols; ginseng extracts, mainly containing a variety of ginseng monosaponins, can be divided into the extract, powder, lens, etc. according to the characteristics, such as violet leaf soaking.

At present, there are nearly 100 species of popular plant extracts in the world.

There are:

1. Kinds of antioxidant: grape seed extract, green tea extract, pine bark extract;

2. Immunomodulator, ginseng extract, Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract, Ganoderma lucidum extract, and so on;

3. Improve the function of the heart blood tube system: Ginkgo leaf extract, Lotus seed heart extract, Rhodiola extract, and so on;

4. Sedatives: Valeriana extract, hops extract;

5. Natural pigment: lycopene, purple sweet potato extract;

6. Functional sweeteners: licorice extract, stevia extract, and so on.

At present, there is no uniform regulation on plant extracts as raw materials for food, and some substances are regulated in different forms.

According to GB2760, some plant extracts can be used as food additives. According to their functions, they can be classified into:

1. Antioxidant: Rosemary extract, tea polyphenols, licorice antioxidant, bamboo leaf antioxidant.

2. Natural spices: clove bud tincture, Chinese cinnamon tincture extract, turu tincture, walnut shell extract, cola fruit extract, Cinnamomum cinnamomi extract / oleoresin, ginger extract, white oak sawdust extract, Sauton extract, sawson extract, sawson extract, Zingiber officinale extract, and ginger Root extract, extract of spring chrysanthemum, extract of Rhamnus, mohifer extract, seaweed extract, yellow dragon root extract, wild black cherry bark extract, chrysanthemum extract, naringin extract, Paraguay tea oil / extract, and white hickory bark Extract, melon extract, nutmeg oleoresin / extract, Western India cinnamon extract, angelica extract, bitter tree extract, yellow mustard extract / Mustard oleoresin, brown mustard extract, black pepper oleoresin / black pepper extract, elemene oil / extract / aroma resin, molasses extract, alfalfa Extract, oleoresin / extract, basil extract, celery seed extract, celery seed extract, yellow cinchona bark extract, red clover extract, dandelion root extract, Acer Honoka extract, sage oil resin / extract, Valeriana root extract, Chinese chestnut extract, saffron extract, saffron extract, fragrant leaf extract, lemon extract, tamarind extract , cucurbit seed extract, sweet orange peel extract, ferulo liquid extract, myrrh resin extract, Zanthoxylum extract, vermouth extract, juniper extract, and Gump Herb extract, betaine, extract of hyssop, extract of German spring chrysanthemum, carmine extract, rose seed extract, Gump to oil tree fat / extract, Morocco nutmeg extract, sesame extract Dried bojifish extract, aloe vera extract, pineapple extract, grape seed extract, millland extract, kirioma extract, Extractum Glycyrrhizae Liquidum, white orchid extract, rose extract, iris extract, Hangzhou white chrysanthemum extract, Maple extract, Rosa extract, Acacia extract, jasmine extract, asmine extract, Jturmeric extract, torto flower extract, gardenia extract, orchid extract, tree moss extract, fragrant root extract, fragrant orchid extract, Chinese Torreya grandis extract, hop extract, osmanthus extract, wild rose extract, chicory extract, evening vanilla extract, violet leaf extract, black gallon extract, Sophora japonica Tree flower extract, safflower extract, Herba dandelion extract, dandelion fluid extract, fenugreek seed extract and jujube extract.

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