What are the 4 Types of Sodium Hyaluronate?

Types of sodium hyaluronate

1, Medium molecular weight sodium hyaluronate

Highly effective in moisturizing and lubricating the skin.

types of sodium hyaluronate

2, High molecular weight sodium hyaluronate

Excellent moisturizing and film-forming properties, efficient thickening effect, and enhanced lubricating feeling when applying products.

3, Sodium Oligomeric Hyaluronate

Efficient moisturizing and lubricating effect on the skin. Enzymatic cutting process, molecular weight less than 10000, real transdermal absorption, deep moisturizing, anti-aging, after-sun repair.

4, low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate

Nutritious skin, breathable and moisturizing, will not bring any sticky skin feeling.

Cosmetic-grade sodium hyaluronate application

1. Formulation application

Medium to high molecular HA to enhance the lubrication of the skin
Medium to high molecular HA increases the consistency of the system
Medium-high molecule HA provides an immediate tightening sensation when absorbed quickly
Oligomeric HA for fast transdermal absorption, enhancing product absorption efficiency

2. Moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effects

The moisture level of skin is closely related to the HA content, as we age, the HA content in the skin decreases, making the water retention function of the skin weaken, resulting in wrinkles. Oligomeric HA can penetrate into the dermis and replenish the endogenous HA of the human body. The HA filled in the dermis can promote the targeted growth of collagen and elastin fibers, tighten the skin and delay the aging process.

3. Skin damage repair and prevention effect

HA promotes the regeneration of injured skin by promoting the proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells.

Advantages of sodium hyaluronate

– Controlled environment

Standardized clean production plants, strict production management processes, and advanced production equipment avoid the introduction of impurities and contamination by pathogenic microorganisms during the production process.

– High purity

The sodium hyaluronate produced by SCC is refined by fermentation and extraction of Streptococcus oryzae as the strain, with high purity and low content of protein, heavy metal, and other impurities.

– Sodium Oligomeric Hyaluronate

We use sodium hyaluronate hydrolase enzymatic digestion to obtain the product with extremely low molecular weight, and the quality reaches the international first-class level, which is the oligomeric sodium hyaluronate with a molecular weight of less than 10,000.

– Aseptic

Medical-grade sodium hyaluronate is produced with injection water and a partially sterile production plant to ensure the production of sterile products with endotoxin below 0.05 EU/mg.

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