How Can I Increase My Vitamin D Level

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, but vitamin D is not just a vitamin. In the vitamin D category, there are more than 10 kinds of vitamin D, the most important of which are vitamin D3 (cholesterol) and vitamin D2 (ergosterol).

Vitamin D is also known as “sunshine vitamin”. Vitamin D is produced by human skin when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is an important element to maintain human calcium balance. Its main function is to regulate bone metabolism, promote calcium absorption and prevent infantile rickets.

Vitamin D not only affects bone metabolism, but also is related to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, malignant tumors, and depression.

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Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency has the most obvious impact on infants and young children. Infants and young children will have irritability, poor immunity, crying, night terror, sweating, anorexia, late teeth irregular, hand and foot twitching. Because calcium cannot be effectively absorbed, in the process of growth and development, there will be the square skull, O-leg or X-leg.

People with diabetes should eat more vitamin D

Studies have shown that long-term moderate dose of vitamin D can effectively stabilize the blood sugar level of diabetic patients and improve insulin sensitivity. Diabetic patients take vitamin D simultaneously while injecting insulin, which can reduce the dosage of insulin and effectively protect the secretory function of islet cells. For healthy people, taking a certain amount of vitamin D can reduce the incidence of diabetes.

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Scientific vitamin D supplementation

1. The source of vitamin D can be divided into plant and animal. Animal vitamin D is superior to plant vitamin D. Sea fish, pig liver, pig heart, fish liver oil and cheese are rich in vitamin D. Spinach, dried mushrooms and nuts are also good choices.

3. If you need to take vitamin D supplements, it’s better not to choose active vitamin D, but to take vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and vitamin D2 (ergosterol).

2. Porridge soup contains lipid oxidase, which can destroy fat-soluble vitamins, so when taking vitamin D, try not to drink porridge soup;

4. In addition to paying attention to vitamin D intake in the diet, we can also get more sunshine and let the body synthesize vitamin D. But here’s one more thing to say, no matter adults or infants, try to avoid the noon sun, because the sun is strongest at this time, and there are more harmful light.

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