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Food is one of our basic needs to survive in the world. With the increasing population, demand for food is also increasing simultaneously. But do you know that this food we consume every day is safe and hygienic? What is the origin of that? How is it prepared? It is recommended to scrutinize the source of food and method of preparation while choosing the best one for the welfare of your family.

safe food

Both the vegetarian and Non-vegetarian people have to keep an eye while selecting their food. The best way to keep yourself away from many diseases caused by food is to simply eat fresh and raw food. Try your best to avoid processed food, packed food, frozen food and beverages which mostly carry harmful toxins, Trans fat some artificial acid, colorant, and other preservatives, etc. These ingredients are just to make that food attractive and tasty to make that product saleable in the market. People are tempted to buy these foods due to its taste and ready availability. The Parent should keep their children away from these types of processed food as these foods have many drawbacks. Children growth and development can be hampered due to the regular consumption of junk and processed food. Their IQ score may get affected by these artificial ingredients present in it. Some children may face poor vision, lack of concentration in study, obesity at an early age, unusual growth, loss of memory and many more diseases. They should be fed fresh and organic food to meet their proper nutritional requirement at their stage of development. They should be given milk and other food rich in multivitamins and calcium.

Apart from children, the adult is also suggested to avoid processed food and to switch over to raw food and organic green food. You can see many hormones related to diseases among adults due to toxins and fats present in fast food and junk food items. Besides, many misleading advertisements, one should know that most processed foods have less nutritional value as compared to fresh food. For example, a canned orange juice has less vitamin C contents than a fresh orange itself.

It is also highly advisable to eat organic food only if possible. As organic foods are cultivated with zero application of harmful chemical and pesticide in the agricultural land.

For this all, people should have to understand the value of their life and the importance of safe food to maintain a healthy and active life.

September 6, 2019 Foods and Nutraceuticals
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