How Much Do You Know About Vitamins?

Vitamin is a kind of micro-organic substance that people and animals must obtain from food in order to maintain normal physiological function. It plays an important role in the process of human growth, metabolism, and development.

Vitamin, is to maintain human life activities must be a kind of organic substances, but also to maintain human health is an important active substance. Vitamins are very few in the body, but they are indispensable.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A gives you bright eyes and teeth.

The main role of vitamin A is to maintain the healthy growth of skin, bone, teeth, hair, but also to promote the development of vision and reproductive function. To take vitamin A, in addition to whole dairy products, animal liver, kidneys, eggs, fish liver oil, eat more colorful vegetables and dark green vegetables, such as celery, pumpkin, radish and other fruit thinning are rich in vitamin A, of which carrot is a leader, eating more not only to restore normal rough skin but also cure Night blindness and lower blood pressure.

Vitamin B1

People who eat out are most likely to lack vitamin B1 because the content of vitamin B1 in foods such as flour outside is almost zero.

Vitamin B1 has the ability to break down the calories in sugar into water and carbon dioxide again. Therefore, if vitamin B1 is not available at the time of decomposition, it will not be able to decompose to the final stage, leaving lactic acid and pyrimidine acid, and other substances in the body. Once the content of lactic acid in the body increases, it will make people tired, numb hands and feet, skin edema, and even affect the brain nerve. Once vitamin B1 is not enough, some people will become very anxious or have memory loss, especially easy to be restless and irritable and even quarrel with people. Therefore, vitamin B1 supplementation is better.

Efficacy: refresh your mind.

Unrefined cereals contain a lot of vitamin B1, so eating whole wheat bread, brown rice, germ rice, germ bread, and so on can get enough vitamin B1. Compared with other vitamins, if the lack of vitamin B1, appears particularly serious, will often suffer from colds, gastritis, shoulder stiffness, muscle fatigue. Therefore, people with these symptoms, as well as excessive smoking and drinking, suffering from diabetes, have increased absorption of vitamin B1 is necessary. The best strategy is to increase vitamin B1 intake, such as switching to white rice with vitamin B1 or eating with other vitamin-rich foods. Vitamin B1 is rich in Pork, which is also rich in bacon, the liver, as well as peanuts, sesame seeds, and seaweed tablets.

Vitamin B2

Do your lips, tongue, and eye mucosa often suffer from problems such as stomatitis, keratitis, congestion, trance, dry skin, and hair loss? If there are two or three of them, there is no doubt that you lack vitamin B2 recently, you must pay more attention, otherwise, the situation will deteriorate.

Vitamin B6

Oral contraceptives are a more common and convenient method of contraception. Unfortunately, the use of oral contraceptives will have a variety of side effects, including dizziness, weight gain, another side effect is that vitamin B6 deficiency. Long-term vitamin B6 deficiency can lead to anemia, lymphatic disorders, increased chance of vascular embolism, rough skin, and increased susceptibility to bacterial diseases. To reduce the above problems and ensure adequate skin nutrition, oral contraceptives must absorb enough vitamin B6, such as liver, eggs, yeast, rice bran, and other foods containing a lot of vitamin B6.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is effective in preventing and treating black spots and freckles. Under the skin epidermis, there are pigment mother cells, these cells stimulated will produce brilliant hormones, if too much can not be excreted, will deposit in the skin and form black spots, freckles. Adequate intake of vitamin C can inhibit the excess pigment secretion of the pigment mother cells, and only produce the necessary amount, and the excess pigment can be quickly excreted from the body to maintain normal metabolism. In addition, vitamin C can also make the pigment reduced to colorless.

Efficacy: vitamin C can prevent wrinkles.

Wrinkles are caused by insufficient collagen. When vitamin C is lacking, only about 10% collagen can be synthesized. If you take enough vitamin C, you can synthesize a lot of collagen from 26 to 35. So vitamin C is very effective in preventing wrinkles. It is important to take vitamin C through food. Some cream containing vitamin C is also effective. In addition, vitamin C helps the body absorb iron. Women who lose their blood due to menstruation are extremely susceptible to anemia. Iron must be supplemented to prevent anemia, and iron is somewhat contained in minerals with low absorption efficiency. Vitamin C has a strong reductive capacity, which can convert iron or copper which is difficult to absorb in plant food into a form easily absorbed by the body. Unrefined cereals, beans, shellfish, seaweed, Bok choy, etc. all contain iron, if combined with vitamin C, iron can be effectively absorbed by the human body.

Vitamin E

Fried snacks such as chips and fried rice nuts are strong enemies of vitamin E. Because these foods contain a lot of peroxide fat will deplete the body’s vitamin E, reduce its content. In order to make full use of vitamin E, it is better to eat less of the above foods. It is advisable to consider the consumption of wheat germ for obtaining vitamin E by way of ingestion. Generally available in the market, so when cooking soup or fried rice can consider adding some, eat it neither taste nor destroy the original flavor. Other whole grains or sesame and green vegetables are also important sources of vitamin E, which can be considered to be mixed with other foods.

Efficacy: when it comes to inhibiting cancer, vitamin E is the best.

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