List of 9 Common Food Additives

At present, there are 35 kinds of food additives in the general commodity classification, including flavor enhancers, defoamers, bulking agents, colorants, preservatives and other 10,000 kinds of food additives. Among them, there are mainly 9 common food additives:
Preservatives – including sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, sulfur dioxide, lactic acid and so on. They are widely used in food processing such as jam, preserves, etc.

Antioxidants – similar to preservatives, can extend the shelf life of foods. Including vitamin C, Sodium vitamin C and so on.

Colorants – Including synthetic colors include carmine, amaranth, lemon yellow, indigo and so on. It can change the appearance of food and enhance its appetite.

Thickener and stabilizer – can improve or stabilize the physical properties of cold food, so that the appearance of food lubrication is fine. They keep the ice cream and other frozen foods soft and loose tissue structure for a long time.
Puffing agent – part of the candy and chocolate added to the puffing agent, can promote the sugar body to produce carbon dioxide, thus playing a puffing effect. The commonly used leavening agents are sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, and compound leavening agents.

Sweeteners – commonly used sweeteners are saccharin sodium, cyclamate and so on. The goal is to increase sweetness.
Sour ingredients – some beverages and sweets often use acid to adjust and improve the flavor effect. They include citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, lactic acid and so on.
Bleaching agent benzoyl peroxide – is the main ingredient of flour brighteners. The maximum dosage of food in flour is 0.06g/kg. Benzoyl peroxide has been banned as a food additive in developed countries such as the European Union.
Spices and fragrances – are synthetic, natural and fragrant. Consumers often eat a variety of flavors of chocolate, a variety of spices are widely used in the production process, so that it has a variety of unique flavors.

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