How to Cure a Hangover

Last night, you went to the craziest parties, and now it’s morning. Sadly, your stomach is still rolling like your crazy dance on the table last night, and your head seems to explode at any moment. But you can avoid an unpleasant headaches and fatigue. Here are some tips for you:

1. Drink water

To wake up feeling refreshed the next day after drinking, make sure you don’t dehydrate before you start drinking. Drinking prevents the production of a chemical called vasopressin. This helps our kidneys to deliver water directly to the bladder, rather than to absorb it into your body. In fact, drinking means that you drain more than four times the water than usual. This can lead to dehydration, which is the main cause of hangover headaches and dry mouth. So before you start drinking, your goal is to drink more water. You can drink up to eight glasses of water a day.

drink water

2. Eat greasy food

Food helps to slow down the absorption of alcohol. In particular, if you eat greasy food before drinking, fat will line up on the wall of your stomach. This will help slow down the speed at which alcohol enters the bloodstream, which means that you need more time to get drunk. You can also drink a full glass of milk or olive oil, which may help.

Eat greasy food

3. Drink coffee and take aspirin

A  study published in the Journal PIOS ONE in 2010 found that caffeine in coffee and anti-inflammatory ingredients in aspirin reacts to compounds of ethanol (pure alcohol). Ethanol causes a headache due to the chemical acetate.
However, it is important to know that coffee does dehydrate. However, it can cause an increase in adrenaline, which will give rise to false energy. Be careful when drinking coffee and taking painkillers at the same time.

4. Take a bath

Taking a cold bath can refresh your mind and make you feel active. You can also try switching between hot and cold water. But be careful when you do this because it will impact your body and cause more damage.

5. Exercise

When you exercise, endorphins are released to boost your mood. It also helps to consume the calories you get when you drink alcohol. However, make sure you drink water while exercising so that you don’t become more dehydrated. Exercise may require some willpower, but it will certainly help improve your body and mind.

6. Take a break

Sleeping for a while will help your body recover. An extra hour or two in bed will help your body get the rest it needs. You may need to postpone your plan for a day. However, if you need to work, you’d better take an aspirin and go back to work.

7. Try traditional Chinese medicine therapy

Maybe you feel like a witch stirring her beer, but Chinese medicine therapy can help you replenish lost nutrients. Dihydromyricetin can effectively help relieve hangover headaches.

8. Keep drinking water or juice

You still need to keep your body hydrated. Supplementing your body with water or fruit, Vitamin C, or vegetable juice will help you regain the balance you want. It is a good choice to add lemon juice to warm water.

9. Eat toast or crackers

In hangovers, original bagels, toast, and biscuits are good choices. Although they may not be the most delicious snacks, chances are you don’t like them. But hangovers can cause your blood sugar levels to drop – pure carbohydrates will help raise your blood sugar and stop vomiting.

toast or crackers

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