040-000-502 Cholic acid

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Type Active Pharmaceutical ingredient
Synonym Cholanic acid, 3α,7α,12α-Trihydroxy-5β-cholanic acid
CAS No. 81-25-4
Chemical Formula C24H40O5
Appearance White to cream colored powder
Packaging customized
Assay ≥99%
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Cholic acid Introduction

Cholic acid is a major primary bile acid produced in the liver which facilitates fat absorption and cholesterol excretion. It is a non-denaturing ionic detergent.

Cholic acid Specification

Appearance White to cream colored powder
Melting point 200-201℃
Boiling Point 449.08℃
Density 1.0310g/cm3
Packaging Customized

Cholic acid Applications

Used in biochemical research and pharmaceutical intermediates. Sodium cholate is a cholagogic drug for the treatment of cholecystitis, bile deficiency, intestinal dyspepsia and other diseases.