How Do You Use Dihydromyricetin Powders, Capsules, or Pills?

Dihydromyricetin is a flavonoid usually found in a wide range of Ampelopsis species such as japonica, Cercidiphyllum japonicum, some Pinus species, Megalophylla, Hovenia Dulcis, etc. We can refer to the flavonoid as Ampelosin, Ampelotin, or simply DHM. Several laboratory methods exist to extract this substance from their parent plants and modify it to treat a wide range of liver and related illnesses and break down alcohols. Dihydromyricetin comes in different states: granulated (powder state) and solid-state as either capsules or pills.

What Are Flavonoids?

Flavonoids are chemicals produced by plants, having a wide range of benefits to both the plant and prospective immunocompromised patients. Some of these functions include: protecting plants from stress contributing to the smell and color of fruit and flowers. To the human body, they help in the regulation of cellular activity and wrestle against free radicals responsible for oxidative stress. Flavonoids are more like antioxidant agents.

What Does Dihydromyricetin Treat?

The usefulness of Dihydromyricetin cuts across, improving a wide range of both medical and even mental complications. This includes its ability to cure infections inflicted by parasites and counteract the harmful effect of drug abuse or overdose. They are also effective in treating anxiety, depression, and other mental issues.

Other functions include regulation of cancer activity, cell death mediating activity, metabolism mediating activity, neuroprotective activity, anti-inflammatory activity. Dihydromyricetin activates enzymes such as alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), which are responsible for breaking down and metabolizing alcohol faster, hence its characteristics preventing hangovers.

Chemical Properties of Dihydromyricetin

PubChem CID: 161557

Molecular Formula:  C15H12O8

Molecular Weight: 320.25


dihydromyricetin powders

How Do You Use Dihydromyricetin Powders?

The quickest way to start feeling the impact of dihydromyricetin is by consuming the powdered state. This rapidly enhances its potency. The ingestion method is a very effective way to take in the drug. You can dissolve some milligram of the DHM powder in a glass of juice of your choice and then drink.

You can also dissolve the powder in water before consumption in some cases. In this way, however, you get to taste the herb, and it may not precisely give that sweet taste you’d probably hoped for. It is advisable to take the mixture at home and rest afterward.

Recommended dosage:  You can consume 300-4000mg of dihydromyricetin powder.

How Do You Use Dihydromyricetin Capsules or Pills?

If you’re comfortable swallowing capsules and pills, you may consider taking this option. DHM pills or capsules may not be as fast as the DHM powder, but the effects vary. The capsules are designed to be easy to swallow with water or juice.

You can take the dihydromyricetin pills or capsule anywhere: in a gathering of friends, in your home, or workplace, or just wherever you feel comfortable. Since these are capsules, it would take your system some time to dissolve when you swallow them. Therefore, it takes a while to see its effect.

Recommended dosage: 1-2 pills are okay for consumption, depending on the case.

For Hangover Prevention, Should I Take DHM Before or After Drinking?

It is best to take the drug just immediately after drinking. In this way, you get to feel the drug’s effect more intensely. Some persons, in several reviews, have attested to the effective working power of the drug, rating it about 97-100% effective. It is important to note that DHM will not stop you from getting drunk. It only reduces the impact of alcohol.

How Safe is Dihydromyricetin?

There’s no need to be bothered about how safe consuming this drug is. The herb has been used for ages, in some parts of the world, and all the while, it has worked well, without posing severe health implications.

However, this is not to say that there may not arise cases where dihydromyricetin may tend to cause some side effects. It is just that generally, these side effects are both rare and mild. However, should you experience any form of reaction just after consuming the drug, it is advisable to visit a doctor.


Dihydromyricetin is an anti-oxidation drug that reduces blood glucose levels and protects the liver. At Stanford Chemicals, we sell high-quality Dihydromyricetin (DHM) powders following the best standard practices to ensure that they are tested rigorously for purity and effectiveness. Contact us to get your Dihydromyricetin powder with a purity above 98%, or call us at (949) 812 6690 or (949) 468 0555 to place your order.

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